Shell making

Sand blasting

Apply diffusion structure around the air flow, sand suspended evenly.
The dust removal structure is attached to the top of the sand bucket, which makes it easy to connect with the dust removal equipment.
The tube has a round, Square structure type .They are suitable for different castings.
There are two types of surface layer and back layer for your choice.

Drying Line

Simple and compact structure, small floor space and large working space.
The workpiece is machined with high accuracy and the operation of the mechanism is safe and stable.
Reduce labor intensity, reduce auxiliary equipment, and save energy and consumption.

Moistening slurry machine

Stable operation, L type stirring plate, make slurry mix evenly

Disc type sanding machine

It apply to Using rotating disc,Continuous cycle filtration,even distribution of sand,Strong adhesion.

Open sand blasting machine

With crawler type lifting, the sand carrying is even and continuous, and the sand outlet is open, which is not limited by the size and shape of the casting.